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Are you entitled to a WorkCover payout? Our WorkCover lawyers in the Gold Coast will take care of the legal details so you can rest and recover stress-free.


What are WorkCover Lawyers? 

WorkCover lawyers in the Gold Coast are advocates for injured workers. We’ll guide you through the claims process and advocate for your rights as an injured worker. Our lawyers understand how stressful compensation claims can be, so we’ll handle your entire WorkCover claim. We’ll also secure fair compensation for lost wages, medical costs, and any permanent disability. 

If your initial claim is denied or your benefits are reduced, our WorkCover lawyers Gold Coast can help you challenge these decisions through formal appeals processes. At WT Compensation Lawyers, we recommend that you contact one of our senior lawyers before you file your claim. This will help put you in the best position for success. 

Benefits of Working With WorkCover Lawyers 

benefits of working with workcover lawyers

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury in the Gold Coast, a qualified WorkCover lawyer can be an invaluable asset. They will take care of all the difficult legal Here’s what an experienced lawyer can help you do: 

Understand Your Rights

WorkCover laws in Queensland can be complex. Our experienced lawyers will explain your rights clearly, and ensure you understand the full range of benefits available to you. 

The WorkCover claims process has strict deadlines and requirements. Your compensation lawyer Gold Coast will handle all paperwork and communication to relieve any stress you may be experiencing and prevent costly errors.

Maximise Your Compensation

Our senior workers compensation lawyers in Gold Coast are skilled negotiators. They will advocate for the maximum compensation you deserve, including medical expenses, lost wages, and potential lump-sum payments for permanent impairment. 

Handle Claim Disputes

If your claim is denied or disputed, one of our senior WorkCover lawyers will represent you through the appeals process. This may include appearances before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). 

Explore Third-Party Claims

In some cases, you may have grounds for a third-party claim against a negligent party beyond your employer. Our work injury lawyers will assess your options to see if you qualify for any additional compensation.

Even if at fault, you may have a right to compensation. Start your claims check:


Are You Eligible for a WorkCover Claim? 

are you eligible for a workcover claim

If you’ve been injured at work on the Gold Coast, you might be entitled to significant compensation under WorkCover Queensland. To be eligible, you usually need to meet these requirements: 

  1. Employment status: You must be an employee under Queensland law. This includes full-time, part-time, casual, and some contract and freelance workers. It’s crucial to establish that there is or was an employer-employee relationship. 
  1. Workplace injury or illness: The claim should be for an injury or illness that occurred as a direct result of your employment. These include physical injuries, psychological or psychiatric conditions, and diseases brought on or worsened by workplace activities. 
  1. Timing of the claim: You need to report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. The claim must be filed within 6 months of the date of the injury or the date you first became aware of your illness. 
  1. Have compelling evidence: You will need adequate medical evidence supporting that the claim for the injury or illness is work-related. This includes medical reports, witness testimonies, and any relevant workplace documentation. 

How to Lodge a WorkCover Claim 

how to lodge a workcover claim
Steps to lodge a workcover claim

The workcover claim process for securing workers compensation starts immediately after your injury. Follow these steps to help the process go smoothly. 

Step 1: Prioritise Medical Care

Your health comes first. Seek medical attention without delay. While waiting for treatment, if possible: 

  • Photograph your injuries: Document injuries for future claim support.
  • Document the scene: Ask a trusted coworker to photograph the accident scene, even if you must leave for treatment. 

Step 2: Notify Your Employer 

Report your workplace injury promptly. Your employer should file an incident report with WorkCover QLD (WorkSafe) within 8 days. If your employer fails to file a report, contact us to help you through the next steps. 

Step 3: Obtain a Work Capacity Certificate 

Your doctor will provide this certificate, detailing your injuries, treatment plan, and any necessary time off work. Keep this with your other supporting evidence: 

  • Receipts: Include all medical and travel expenses. 
  • Incident report: The report filed with your employer. 
  • Photos: Document the scene and injuries. 
  • Witness statements: Gather accounts of what happened. 

Step 4: File Your WorkCover Claim 

Choose your preferred method for filing a claim. 

  • Online: The most efficient method. Use WorkSafe’s online claim form
  • Paper form: Download, complete, and submit the WorkCover claim form. 
  • Phone: Call WorkCover QLD (1300 362 128) for assistance. 

If you’re hospitalised, your doctor can submit your certificate to WorkCover. This will start your claims process. 

Step 5: Claim Assessment 

WorkCover will contact you within 20 working days. Expect an investigation, including: 

  • Your account of events: Explain how the injury occurred. 
  • Employment verification: WorkCover confirms your employment details. 
  • Witness interviews: Corroborating your version of events. 

You’ll be notified of whether your claim is approved.  

Let Us Help!

If you need support throughout your WorkCover claim, WT Compensation Lawyers provides consultations and guidance. Contact our WorkCover compensation lawyers at 07 3924 9544 or [email protected] today! 

What Injuries Are Covered by WorkCover? 

WorkCover Queensland covers a wide range of injuries that happen as a direct result of carrying out your work duties. These include injuries sustained while travelling to, from, or for work, or when you’re on a break but still on work premises. We’ve summarised the injuries covered by WorkCover below: 

Physical Injuries 

  • Cuts and Abrasions 
  • Burns 
  • Penetrating Wounds 
  • Fractures and Broken Bones 
  • Amputations 
  • Brain Injuries 
  • Strains or Sprains 
  • Eye Injuries 
  • Internal Injuries 
  • Chemical Exposure 
  • Electrocution 
  • Neck or Back Injuries

Psychological Injuries 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • PTSD


  • Work-Related Respiratory Illnesses 
  • Industrial Deafness 
  • Q-Fever 

Aggravated Injuries 

When doing your job reinjures an old injury or makes an existing injury worse.

Ongoing Symptoms 

If you have prolonged symptoms from your original injury even after your claim is paid out.

What Does WorkCover Compensation Include? 

Your WorkCover compensation will typically include and cover your medical expenses, any lost wages or income, and a lump-sum payment if you’re eligible. We’ve detailed the various elements you may get compensation for below: 

Medical Expenses

  • Treatment costs (doctors, specialists, surgery) 
  • Rehabilitation and therapy expenses 
  • Medication and equipment costs 
  • Travel costs for treatment 
  • Home or car modifications made necessary by your injury 

Lost Income

  • Weekly benefits if you can’t work or need reduced hours 

Lump Sum Compensation 

  • For permanent impairment or disfigurement 

Other Support

  • Paid care or help around the house 
  • Assistance with returning to work 

How Can WT Compensation Lawyers Help? 

how can wt compensation lawyers help
What benefits you get from us as your compensation lawyers

Professional Legal Advice 
We’re here to give you our tried-and-true advice on making WorkCover claims in Queensland. 

Preparing and Filing Claims 
Our lawyers can help you prepare and file your claims accurately and on time. 

Maximising Your Compensation 
Our deep understanding of Queensland laws allows us to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Representation in Disputes and Appeals 
Our lawyers know how to handle complex disputes. We’ll present your case passionately and effectively. 

Efficient Claim Resolution 
We’ll resolve your claims as quickly as possible so you can get your compensation paid ASAP. 

No Win, No Fee” Structure 
You don’t pay a cent unless we win your case – not even outlay fees. 

Support and Guidance 
Let us handle everything while you rest and recover from your injury or illness. We provide compassionate support and guidance throughout the process. 

Comprehensive Services 
From initial consultation to final payment, WT Compensation Lawyers handles everything, taking the stress off you. 

How Long Will the Process Take? 

After filing your claim, WorkCover will review it and make a decision within 20 business days. However, the total length of your WorkCover claim depends on several factors, including: 

  1. Complexity of your injury: Simple claims with clear medical evidence may resolve faster than cases with complex or disputed injuries. 
  2. WorkCover’s decision time frame: WorkCover may ask for extra information, so the 20-day decision time frame could be extended to 1 month or more. 
  3. Need for dispute resolution: If WorkCover disputes your claim, the timeline may extend depending on the nature of the dispute and whether formal hearings are required. 
  4. Lump sum compensation applications: These applications generally take longer because you’ll need medical assessments to determine your level of impairment. 

While we can’t offer a precise timeline, we’ll keep you fully informed throughout the process and fight to resolve your claim as efficiently as possible. Book your free case review with a workers comp attorney today. 

Long-Term Implications of WorkCover Claims 

WorkCover claims can have significant long-term implications for injured workers. We understand that this can be daunting, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of potential impacts. 

  • Future employment: A WorkCover claim might be noted on your employment history, potentially influencing future job opportunities. 
  • Insurance premiums: Your employer’s WorkCover insurance premiums could increase, especially if your claim is significant or the workplace is deemed higher risk. 
  • Ongoing medical treatment: WorkCover will cover necessary medical expenses while your claim is active; however, you may need help getting future treatment approved if your case is closed. 
  • Psychological impact: The stress of a workplace injury and the claims process can lead to long-term anxiety or depression. 

Statutory Benefits Claims vs Common Law Claims 

If you’re injured at work, there are two main types of compensation claims in Queensland: statutory claims and common law claims.  

Statutory Claims Common Law Claims 
Who can claim?Anyone injured at work can apply for a statutory claim, regardless of who or what caused the injury If your employer is at fault, you may be entitled to make a common law claim in addition to your WorkCover claim 
FaultNo-fault system: You’re entitled to benefits regardless of who caused the injuryFault-based: You must prove that your employer’s negligence contributed to your injury
CompensationBenefits: Medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially a lump sum for permanent impairmentGreater potential compensation: Can cover pain and suffering, future economic loss, and other damages, in addition to compensation from your statutory claim
Time LimitsStrict time limits: You generally must report your injury and submit a claim form quickly Longer time limits: You typically have three years from the date of your injury to file a common law claim 

WorkCover Lawyers Gold Coast FAQs

Currently, the maximum statutory compensation for injuries occurring after July 1st 2023 is $380,575.31. But, your payout is calculated using your DPI, so you’ll likely only receive a percentage of the maximum payout for a statutory claim. Your doctor will assess your permanent impairment as a percentage, based on guidelines laid out in the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014

Note that your payout depends on the type of benefits (weekly payments, medical expenses, or lump sum for permanent impairment), the severity of your injury, and complex calculations.

In Queensland, self-employed individuals, most independent contractors, volunteers (with some exceptions), Federal Government employees, and those in certain specific occupations may not be eligible for WorkCover. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What our clients say

Thank you WT Compensation Lawyers for your hard work, commitment and dedication towards settling my case. This was my first ever experience having the helping hand of a lawyer and I’m glad it was with your firm! Thank you very much for making everything seem so easy and clear for me to understand. I will definitely know who I can trust in regards to seeking legal aid

Asipeli Feki

Warm, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable… I could go on and on about Jono and his great team at WT Compensation Lawyers. The words thank you don’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to this great team of personal injury lawyers and for the way they help people and show that they genuinely care about their clients.

R Rasul

I am beyond grateful for the genuine assistance of WT Compensation lawyers to get through with my claim. Absolutely every single person I had contact with at the team were amazing. I especially want to thank Jono Wu who helped me achieve an outstanding outcome.

Virginia Su

Jono, Sinny and everyone at WT Compensation Lawyers are the best car accident lawyers in Brisbane I’ve come across. The genuine care, compassion and human kindness they show to their clients is clear from the very first moment you speak to them. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer and would not hesitate at all to refer any of my family or friends. Thank you guys always for all your great work.

Ru McKinnon

Big thanks to WT, Jono, Sinny and the entire team. I couldn’t be happier with boys and the help they’ve given me and my family over the years. Both my sister and partner had car accidents and got unreal results from their claim. These guys are talented, empathetic and genuinely want the best for their clients and I couldn’t recommend them more if you want the best car accident lawyers.

Tylor Bunting

Even if at fault, you may have a right to compensation. Start your claims check:


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